INFr8 – the shipping portal for eDGD


The shipping portal INFr8 is the first of its kind worldwide platform created for senders, forwarders, airlines and handling agents and is specially tailored to the air cargo supply chain.

The eDGD portal digitizes the traditional paper-based process for dangerous goods and normal cargo in air freight. The dangerous goods declaration, DGD or shippers is transmitted completely electronically from the shipper via the forwarding agent and/or dangerous goods declarant to the airline or its handling agent.

Thanks to the integration of intelligent conversion functions throughout the whole process, the platform offers all participants huge simplifications in the handling of dangerous goods as well as regular cargo. This makes the shipping process faster, more reliable and above all more transparent.

INFr8, explained in the film:


So far, the Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) has accompanied the goods and reached the airport at the same time. The paper document then had to be digitized again by either airline or handling agent - a time-consuming and error-prone job. Evaluations show that 10-12 percent of dangerous goods shipments can not be flown as planned.

The platform equally supports the information flow of both regular cargo and dangerous goods, but it is the legally prescribed Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) that is the key focus of the platform. By using INFr8, the DGD is digitalized and standardized and can be easily exchanged between companies. The conversion functions X-convert, Dashboard und Doc-Cloud offer the user optimal assistance.


Flexible interfaces, automatic conversions between data formats, a modern web application and a mobile app guarantee all users comprehensive access options when and where you need them.

EDI Interfaces

INFr8 is designed as an open portal and has flexible EDI interfaces to integrate into your in-house or shipping system. Data can be transferred directly from your own system with the convenience of a mouse click.

Web solution

INFr8 is also available as a web application. It offers many convenient functions, such as the Dashboard and real-time status monitoring, so you can always keep an eye on your shipping processes. You can of course combine the web solution together with the EDI platform. As an example, dangerous goods data can be transferred automatically from your own ERP system and additional data can later be added via the web application.

INFr8 app – for mobile access via smartphone and tablet

In addition to the EDI and web solutions, there is also an app for mobile access to track and control all processes.

Participant users and roles

INFr8 runs currently at Frankfurt Airport. Participants represent the entire air cargo supply chain. These include the airline Lufthansa Cargo, the handling agents FCS and LUG, well-known representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and many forwarders.

The shipping portal is set up for international use and is not limited to Frankfurt Airport or other specific locations. This offers infinite possibilities for participants to use the portal according to their own needs.

Register now and test the web application of INFr8 for up to four weeks free of charge.


The INFr8 platform has been developed by DAKOSY Datenkommunikationssystem AG and is being operated by DAKOSY in it´s own data centers. Please contact us for support in setting up your connection with INFr8:

DAKOSY Datenkommunikationssystem AG, Mattentwiete 2, 20457 Hamburg, Phone: +49 40 37003-0, Email:

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